Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adult ADD

It’s been a productive week for freelancing. A sizeable yearly project to which I’m committed has rolled around again, and I’ve been hacking away at it during the girls’ downtime - admittedly, a rare occurrence at 20 months.
Yesterday, Chris took both of them on an errands run to allow me time uninterrupted at the computer. After making a couple of phone calls, I checked email for further instructions regarding the job, and found a note from a local activist group that’s concerned about plans for a new cement factory less than 10 miles from our house.
The site was supposedly grandfathered as industrial because it housed a cement plant as recently as 20 years ago, but the neighborhood has evolved in the decades since that plant closed.
Wilmington has crept outward and now several housing developments and schools border the property. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has even expressed concern for large fish nurseries and native animal populations on the property, and for the potential damage to 600 associated acres of wetlands.
I followed some links through the site and spent a half-hour writing each of my representatives about their positions on Titan Cement.
Midway through the second email, I realized that I was using political activism to procrastinate.
Glad to have contacts for all these responsible people, I started to go back through the roster and vent on the bailout theme, but I thought better of it and went back to work.
I’ll put that off for another day.